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Shift Happens (when we're ready)

Updated: May 10, 2020

One of my teachers, Rama Jyoti Vernon, describes yoga as “compressed evolution.” By that, she means that our experience during -and as a result of- practice, helps us process all kinds of pent up baggage that we’ve been carrying around with tissues. Yoga practices, deliberately attended, bring up latent issues that have been stored in our bodies and minds; unresolved issues that have prevented us from advancing/progressing along our individual life journeys. Whether it’s a misunderstanding of alignment of our knee (or foot, hip, wrist, etc.) or unwillingness to look directly at an issue that may be hindering our self-development, a mindful yoga practice help us to see more clearly.

Private yoga sessions are exactly the same, and more so. Private yoga sessions are a direct way to fast track and deepen your yoga progress. Whether you’re a beginner, someone seeking yoga therapy, or a seasoned practitioner, everyone can benefit from working with a teacher, one on one. That’s actually the way yoga was transmitted, historically, and from personal experience, I can tell you that some of my biggest transformations – physically, energetically or practically – happened because I invested in private instruction with an experienced -teacher.

Whether you are someone who has never practiced yoga and want a series of introductory sessions or a seasoned practitioner who wants to refine your understanding of a physical skill, tailor your practice to adapt to a long- or short-term situation (pregnancy, illness, etc.), want to learn more about yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation or living happily in the world, I can tell you, private sessions are the way to go. You will learn more in less time than you will in group settings because of the inherent communication and focus with your teacher. Your teacher will learn about you – what makes you tick, your history, your lifestyle, your patterns – it’s the real deal and can be disrupting. That said, private sessions are tailored to your stated desires and needs, so don’t have to alter the course of your life. Small or large, change will happen.

Shift happens. Ready to take the leap?

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