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My husband and I have been practicing with Suzanne for over six years.  Our sessions are an essential part of our routine and our lives.  The classes are personalized, challenging, relaxing, informative, restorative, and sometimes, just silly.  We cannot recommend Suzanne and her beautiful studio highly enough.  

                                                           Nora and David L.

Suzanne is incredibly patient and the classes are both challenging and refreshing. 

Jonathan U.

Suzanne is always encouraging, upbeat, patient and caring. We went to her as total beginners and she totally customized our weekly practice with her to each of our individual needs. We highly recommend Suzanne if you want to begin yoga or want to continue your practice with a private instructor.  

Joyce C.

Suzanne’s ability to adapt her classes according to her student’s needs is remarkable. I was able to continue practicing during my entire pregnancy thanks to her modifications, and feels as if I was a part of the group. 

Flavia U.

I enthusiastically recommend Suzanne to anyone who wants to practice Yoga, at any level. Suzanne is kind, knowledgeable and very experienced. For beginners, start with a few in-home sessions to move forward quickly! 

Theresa M.

Suzanne’s pace and alignment points are just the right combination - we can breathe, adjust and flow.

Sylvia C.

My spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well being needs are all being filled, awakened and growing. I have learned so much about myself and grown in ways I never expected. I am grounded, my self-confidence has returned and I feel enlightened by the yoga philosophy. I thirst for more.

Sharon C.

Suzanne is the best instructor I've ever met. She cares deeply about her students and caters to their individual needs. Her classes are fun and challenging and she offers a great variety of practices. Her classes have helped me immensely, I have gained strength, flexibility, a better understanding of my body and healing for my soul.

Public Class Student

Thank you! I don’t know what you said but for the first time my neck felt free in Downdog! 

Scott H.

Suzanne gives us something that no other teacher does. It’s hard to describe but it keeps me coming back!

Walter H.

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