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Looking Back, Aiming Forward - Your Personal Health Survey (2020) and Intentions (2021)

As we’re moving into the end of this extraordinary year, where health and wellness has been front and center in so many ways, consider these questions about your health this year and get started formulating your health goals for next year! (It's not even December yet so you still have time to make 2020 even healthier!)

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01 dic 2020

This is lovely. Also made me realise that I had an overall pretty good 2020. Despite all the restrictions... My health is stuff is always aiming through completely healing MS and making sure I have a strong immune system. It has been for years and will be in 2021. As well as working on my overall flexibility and equilibrium which I always neglected (for flexibility), and just recently paid less attention to (equilibrium) thinking I always had great equilibrium being an ex figure skater - but as they say, use it or lose it and having MS and being 48, I need to pay more attention to my equilibrium. Also, the other underdeveloped talent I want to work on in…

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