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Anytime, Anywhere

Thank you for your interest in private yoga therapy with Suzanne. Due to  private family health challenges, I am not currently accepting new clients. 
It is my sincere hope that you find the compassionate care and guidance you are seeking. 
Blessings to you.  

Together we will help you find greater balance and integration in your life.

Teaching private, one-on-one yoga is my favorite way to work with students. Nearly all of my teaching practice is helping people practice yoga in a way that responds to their unique needs. 


As your private yoga teacher, my job is to guide you to listen to your body and become an informed, active participant in creating your best life. As a private yoga student, you receive the value of working closely with someone who can tailor a practice for your needs, address injuries, or support you in a particularly challenging pose. 


Working together one-on-one is perfect if:

  • You want a higher level of personal attention and commitment from an instructor who is focused 100% on your needs and goals. 

  • You are interested in learning how to use yoga’s physical practices and tools to help you age gracefully.

  • You have a medical diagnosis or injury and need an approach that addresses your unique needs and promotes healing.

  • You want to learn how to breathe and move better in all aspects of your life. 


Because needs change all the time, practices may vary from session to session, but they will always be tailored to what’s going on in your life. Some days, you may need a very physical practice to build strength and confidence. Other days, you may need a more nurturing, restorative practice to soothe your nerves. Each session is specifically designed for what you need.

Yoga Equipment





For individuals (or couples, with additional fee) seeking personal guidance, modifications, and adjustments. Class topics include asana/posture alignment, working toward peak postures, pranayama (breathing practices), meditation, and developing a home practice. I can record sessions and provide audio downloads.

Please inquire about
rates and packages.

          4 session minimum

Deeply healing restorative yoga focusing on releasing spinal tension at all levels. This is a very hands-on approach with gentle physical adjustments and support throughout the practice. This practice is most successful when combined with a home practice.

Please inquire about
rates and packages.

Individuals only
4 session minimum

Individual yoga therapy sessions based on your long-term goals for healing and wellness. Sessions may include physical asanas/postures, breath work, meditation, philosophy, and other yogic techniques for healing. 

Please inquire about
rates and packages.

Individuals only
4 session minimum


Sessions are offered in person at my home studio, at your home or office, or via Zoom. Rates for private yoga sessions apply to those occuring either at my home studio, via Zoom/livestream or within a 10 mile radius of my home studio. Additional travel fees may apply for sessions held at locations outside that perimeter. 

All yoga therapy clients are expected to practice at home on a regular basis. Please inquire about what yoga props are you  will need to support your home yoga practice.  


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