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A Day of Celebration: The Birth of My Website

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Today is a day for celebration -- it is the birth of my new website, and my entry as a teacher in a new realm.

Before this site, my experience as a teacher has been completely in the classroom (save for those emails I send to you to summarize what we worked on). And while there is no substitute for face-to-face work, I found myself wanting to offer more than is possible in the few hours a week during which I am blessed to teach. So if today is a celebration, this site is my gift -- a way to deepen what we’ve been building together. Through these pages, I have created a home for the extension of your practice, as well as my own.

I created this site with the same intention that guides me as a teacher: To build and deepen connection. I love learning about each of you and your experience on the path of yoga, and this site offers something in return to further strengthen our relationship. I’ll be offering more of my personal experience, including who I am as a teacher and a student, how I practice, and how I apply the practices of yoga to my life. Because life offers such rich opportunities to learn and practice, I am sure to never run out of content.

For those of you who work with me through classes or private sessions, you’ll recognize threads that I’ll weave together from my classes to my blog posts. And when we touch on an area in class that requires greater exploration, I’ll be able to direct you to resources within these pages or create new posts that will further the conversation. But even if we’ve never had the chance to meet in person, you will take away a lot from the resources, reflections, and tips I’ll be sharing. When you want to work with me in Oakland and East Bay, you’ll find my teaching schedule, as well as a way to book classes or private sessions.

The process of creating this site has been a different kind of practice of yoga for me, one that, while wholly digital, has led me toward deeper inward reflection. As each page has come alive, I, too, have grown into new parts of myself. I have witnessed a new understanding of who I am as a teacher and a student. I am honored to share this with you.

Please explore what I am offering here, including learning about my style of teaching, my areas of specialty, and my teaching schedule. If you have thoughts about what you would like me to offer here, please share it with me ( And, if you know someone who can benefit from what I do, I would be so grateful for you sharing this page and my work.

I look forward to supporting you to create more space in your body and your life, both online and off.

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Well done ❤︎ Congratulations & Blessings ❥

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