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I see yoga as a conversation, one that teaches us the language of our inner landscape. As we grow more fluent in our history and sense of self, we can enjoy healthier, more vibrant bodies, navigate life more skillfully, and, ultimately, find deep, sustaining happiness.


As a yoga teacher, my job is to guide you into this conversation with yourself. By teaching you to listen and communicate with that wisdom more clearly, my hope is that you may learn the voice of your inner knowing and trust it to hold you in all parts of life.

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Yoga Therapy

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All public group classes cancelled due to COVID-19.


I have taken both group and private instruction from Suzanne. She is skilled, thoughtful and passionate. Her guidance is highly personalized and informed by a huge amount of training and experience. She ranks among the best teachers of any kind (and certainly for yoga) that I have ever worked with. She gets my highest recommendation. 

Sam W.

I am extremely impressed by her personal and thorough approach to every session. She takes into consideration my specific circumstances and works with them, while still pushing me to reach my potential. She is exceptionally prepared for each session and I know I can look forward to her positive attitude.


Alla B.