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Shift Happens. (Again)

After 10+ years, I am no longer teaching at YogaWorks. It wasn't unexpected, given all the changes in the yoga world these past few months, but it's still strange to think about no longer working with the studio that started me on my path of teaching yoga.

I did my foundational 200-hour teacher training with YogaWorks when they first came to the Bay Area and was part of the inaugural class for the 300 hour Professional Program (thank you, Nikki Estrada, Erika Trice, Melanie Salvatore-August, and Mynx Inatsugu). After starting with a Graduate Class at YogaWorks Walnut Creek, I went on to have regularly scheduled classes at YogaWorks Larkspur (2 years), YogaWorks San Francisco (5 years) and YogaWorks Walnut Creek (10 years).

Along the way, I took more trainings (I won't bore you with all of them but they total over 1,300 hours on top of my 500 hours with YogaWorks), have taught more than 6,000 hours, and am now a Certified Yoga Therapist. In my personal life, my husband Alex Amoroso and I moved into and made our home in Oakland; my Mom and best dog, Lucy, died; we added Tiki and Rumi to our home pack; great-nieces and nephews were born; we've vacationed in a bunch of fun and beautiful places - Maui, Italy, Montreal, Banff, Washington DC; and, I've transitioned a room in my house and my teaching practice to primarily one-on-one at my home yoga studio.

When Covid hit, my two weekly classes became one weekly online class and that was just cancelled, too. I just got the news tonight that important cuts were necessary and I had to be let go, as they restructure programming to get back on solid financial ground.

I have no hard feelings at all - only much appreciation and much love for the opportunities I've had from YogaWorks to learn from excellent teachers, to teach so many amazing people, and to launch myself on this path of studying yoga. What an amazing journey it's been so far. Thank you, YogaWorks, for a solid start on this path. I can't wait to see what's coming!

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Chloe Peace
Chloe Peace

This is all so very exciting! I love change! Forces us to move forward. Evolve. Grow. Can't wait to see where you'll be next!!!! Loved your pictures. Btw, I lived in Montreal for 41 years. 🧡

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