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Informed by Life (and loving it)

I love beauty, things that open my eyes to wonder like poetry, beauty, animals, nature, philosophy. The things I don’t know about that can widen my appreciation for life seems endless. I love studying in the morning – reviewing notes of things I’ve learned, picking up a book or two and opening them to some random page and discovering parallels to what I’ve been thinking about! Coincidence is amazing and awesome!

Life has been my friend and I appreciate how blessed I’ve been in my life, with all its ups and downs, to be exactly where I am. I am on a path that I trust, although I don’t fully understand where I am going. I am learning to recognize markers that tell me my orientation is true, so I do my best to keep on keeping on, as they say. And so, my life informs my teaching. I teach what I learn and inspired by the sources I study – yogic texts, trusted teachers, silence, poetry, nature, my own experience. It’s not a perfect provenance but it’s the truth and serves me well and seems to resonate with my students.

I am grateful for all the gifts I’ve been blessed with, including those that wouldn’t normally be viewed as benevolent but have played some part in the woof and warp of my life.

May my teaching help those who come to learn.

May I continue to grow and to be able to serve.

And may all beings be happy and free of suffering, always.

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